From Old Stud

Old Stud – Revisited

It’s been a while since I completed post on the Old Stud pilot, and after watching it dozens of times, it’s become apparent that the content might best be suited for a movie.

The pilot we shot was never meant to serve as a polished piece; it was intended to function as a tangible proof of concept, illustrating the sense of humor and tone of the Old Stud universe, and proving how pitch perfect our lead actor was. Who did we cast? Well, you’ll find out when we launch our crowdfunding campaign to raise $ for the Old Stud feature.

When It All Comes Together

I was up until 4AM this morning.

It wasn’t my fault. An attempt had been made to fall asleep sometime between 2 and 3. After that failed exercise, I found myself with two options: stare at the ceiling and grow frustrated because I couldn’t turn my mind off or get out of bed and do something useful. I chose the latter and spent roughly the next 90 minutes shifting between tutorials on how to modify/customize iDVD themes, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Earlier in the night, I celebrated a minor victory when I learned that it was possible to disable the Apple logo from appearing as a watermark in an iDVD theme, but I had a feeling more could be done. Anxious to get a feel for exactly how much customization could be done with a DVD menu in what I always perceived to be a relatively stupid program, and ready to output the next cut of Old Stud, I took it upon myself to whip up a simple design, black silhouette objects and characters that would typically be found on a porn set. The design was imported into AE, then manipulated to add some very basic animation. From there, a quicktime movie was exported. Following that, I swapped out the background in the modified iDVD theme with my own video, added one of the original Old Stud music cues, and inserted a blank DVD.

When it finished burning, I removed it from the tray and was struck by the idea that a little piece of plastic with some foil on it contained the results of all of my educational and professional experiences from the past decade. I popped it in the DVD player. Finally feeling productive, my mind started to relax, and I was able to go to sleep a content man.

Old Stud – Post-Production Update

After a month of editing multiple versions of each scene, I’m proud to say that the task of cutting Old Stud together is complete. Additionally, the dialogue sound mix is also done.

Now, the real fun begins. Because Jim and I can now view the pilot in its entirety, we can really gauge the tone and determine the right tone of each music cue.

Old Stud – Production Update

After nearly 9 months of development and planning, Jim Martin and I completed principal photography on Old Stud (Jim produced and I directed), shooting 25 pages over just two and a half days. The cast and crew were amazing, and I think every single person that worked on the project was featured onscreen at some point.

Going into production, we had very realistic hopes for what we would be able to capture, and I’m very happy to report that all of our expectations were exceeded.

Not only did the actors consistently deliver solid performances take after take, but D.P. Nick Tully brought the scenes to life with an expert eye, capturing the universe that Production Designer Ellie Kushner and Costume Designer Lauren Brock created. Mr. Dave Paige, our A.D., kept the machine moving smoothly and helped Jim and I maintain a calm and positive set.

It was the most collaborative undertaking I’ve ever been a part of, and I can’t wait to reveal how it came out. More on that to come…