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Boom Squad Production Update

The characters are complete, and the background has been developed enough to move forward with the next phase. Tomorrow, I’ll record the dialogue, complete the lip syncing, and pick out the shots. I’m hoping to have the scene completed by Monday, at which point I’ll start working on a theme song and intro sequence.

Character Design for New Project – Boom Squad

Boom Squad Character Design

I’m working on a new project called Boom Squad, about an inept and dysfunctional police bomb squad unit. Here’s the design for one of the officers from the unit. I’m drawing all the characters in Flash since I’m more comfortable with that program than I am Illustrator. Once the characters are drawn, I’ll take them into Illustrator and separate the layers. From there, I’ll take the AI file into After Effects, where I’ll do the actual animation.

This workflow takes a bit longer to set up, but I’ve found that once the production animation work begins, using AE and not Flash saves me hours.