hollyshorts-premiere-croppedI have worked as a director, producer, and animator, but I consider myself a writer first and foremost. After completing several screenplays, I got tired of waiting for others to validate the work and determine if my projects would advance toward realization.

I taught myself some rudimentary animation techniques and painstakingly produced my first cartoon, “They Call Me Mr. President.” More cartoon shorts followed, but the production process was tedious, and I became anxious to get back on set.

Collaborating with my friend and producer Jim Martin, I wrote and directed “Old Stud,” initially an independent pilot that was ultimately edited down to a short film. It played the festival circuit and screened as part of the 2013 HollyShorts Film Festival. The project marked the first live action production of one of my scripts and the first time I saw something I wrote projected on the big screen.

Since then, I have written and directed new shorts that are smaller in scope and budget, gradually ramping up my guerrilla filmmaking skills, with the intent of applying them to my first feature (coming soon).

Let me know what you think on social or write to me at rick [at] rickcaplan [dot] com.