New Look – Again

Tonight, I relaunched my site with the focus being my videos. It’s meant to serve as a reminder that I need to generate more content. The good news is, I have one live action short (The Do Over) in the can and a new short script that needs a quick polish before I turn on the¬†production machine. With the new one, tentatively titled Two Days, the aim is to rely on visual elements to tell the story as much as possible and shoot it for under $500.

The Do Over was shot for less than $1,000, and about half of that went to equipment that I’ll be using for upcoming productions, so I think a budget of $500 is definitely within reach.

I’m also working on the outline for a new feature, taking my time and making sure the mechanics of the story and character trajectory works before writing. The only remaining piece is the latter half of the second act, but I’m happy with the ending, which gives me something to write towards. Additionally, I’m working on some new stand up material that I’ll hopefully be performing within the next two weeks.