Weird Day

Today has been a bizarre one. I woke up extra when my puppy started scratching the side of his mattress. He wouldn’t stop until I rolled out of bed and fed him. This was at 7 A.M. Coincidentally, his food bowl is still three quarters full. I guess he wasn’t that hungry after all.

After that, I couldn’t fall asleep. Instead, I took the little guy out for a walk. He’s recovering from getting neutered earlier in the week, so he has a lot of pent up energy. Surprisingly, he wasn’t an asshole on the walk, but when we got home, he refused to climb the stairs to our apartment. I ended up having to drag him the rest of the way.

After that, we sat on the couch and watched The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. It was the first time I had seen it since the early 90s, when I was too young to understand anything more than the fact that it was about a trio of gay dudes. I completely forgot who was in it and was blown away by seeing Agent Smith, The Limey, and Memento strutting around in elaborately sequined gowns and lip-syncing to Abba songs. The movie is great and the performances are pitch perfect.

Once the movie was over, I sat down and struggled with app development for a few hours. I managed to get a screen with text reading “get fucked” to display in the emulator, which was a huge win for me.

One more baby step towards making a game. I think I’ll dust off my guitars and see if I remember how to play any of my half-written songs.