Regrets of an Itchy Trigger Finger – Make V2 A Policy

For anyone that is predisposed to right-brain thinking, essentially all creative types, there’s a perpetual impulse to engage in the create and share cycle. Personally, I feel claustrophobic if I go too long without writing something or making a new cartoon. The challenge lies in the long form nature of many of my projects. Old Stud was a 10 month journey from conception to completion of the pilot. It was the single most challenging and rewarding project I’ve ever worked on, and taught me a lot about what I excel at and even more about where I could use some improvement.

One of my favorite aspects about the project is that Jim and I very meticulously planned every conceivable thing during preproduction. I can’t stress how important this is, because once we went into physical production, it was like a thousand neatly arranged dominos toppling over in succession, leaving little to no time to make adjustments before their momentum propelled us into the next shot, the next scene, and the next shooting day.

Conversely, I’ve come to realize that I tend to rush through the animation production process. I think it’s due primarily to the short runtimes of the pieces I create, which I use as an excuse to trick myself into taking shortcuts and publishing the cartoons perhaps prematurely. The craziest thing about this is – as soon as I click on publish, all of the mistakes and things that could and should have been materialize in mind.

I don’t regret putting any of the content on the web, with the exception of the second Washington episode, because it really wasn’t even a full version 1. To correct this habit, I have decided not to publish any V1’s going forward.

From now on, my policy will be V2 or bust. The result will enable me to get feedback from friends on the product and make any necessary tweaks and revisions prior to putting it out there for public scrutiny.

V1 publishing is dead. Long live V2 publishing!